What is AI Easy Content?

AI Easy Content is an AI-powered tool that automatically generates content, meeting 3 criteria: unique, SEO-friendly, and indistinguishable from human-written content

Save time and boost efficiency for SEO content creators with this tool

Currently, AI Easy Content is compatible with WordPress websites

AI Easy Content

Creative content assistant.

Creating content in bulk

Import keyword lists from an Excel file and let AI Easy Content automatically generate content without manual operations for each article.


Create new content in just a few clicks, saving you 90% of the time compared to traditional methods

High-quality content

Generate unique, SEO-friendly content (up to 90% unique) that reads naturally


Reduce costs and boost productivity by combining AI Easy Content with your SEO team

Copyright-free images

Generate and access a variety of free, copyright-free images automatically based on your content

AI Easy Content is the cost-saving solution for your business

Number of SEO articles/month Content SEO collaborator Full-time Content SEO employee AI Easy Content
50 2.500.000 2.717.391 139.000
100 5.000.000 5.434.783 224.000
200 10.000.000 10.869.565 389.000
500 25.000.000 27.173.913 849.000
1000 50.000.000 54.347.826 1.549.000

(*) According to TENTEN's internal research data as of 30/05/2023:

- The cost for a collaborator to write a standard SEO article is 50,000 VND per article

- The average salary for a content SEO employee is 10,000,000 VND per month with a productivity of 8 articles per day

How does AI Easy Content work?

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Enter keywords

Enter keywords and select the appropriate style

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Choose a title

Choose one of the attractive headlines that AI Easy Content writes for you based on keywords.

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Choose an outline

Choose an article outline and click "Write Article", AI Easy Content will write the article for you

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Input information into a CSV file according to the template

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Upload the CSV file AI Easy Content

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Wait for AI Easy Content to create content according to the topic

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Check, edit, add image, URL to each item, customized articles

How to purchase AI Easy Content

Note: When registering for AI Easy Content, please enter the website domain to use the plug-in. Only enter the domain name (Example: Tenten.vn), do not enter any prefixes such as www/http/https.

Launching promotion

50% discount on subscription fee

(Save 49.000 VND/month)


-75% off new registration
NYAI75 Copy

(*) Applies to the 50.000-word package, valid for 1 month

Thời hạn đăng ký 1 tháng
1 Tháng
12 tháng
24 Tháng
Monthly subscription fee 49.000đ/month 98.000đ
Word count
Check the instruction on how to check the word count here

Mua thêm số lượng từ


Total cost

139.000 VND

Save 49,000 VND/month

Buy now
Buy now
- The number of words used in the article = the number of words of the entered keyword + the number of words in the content returned (title-description-outline-article). Calculate the total number of words used for new Writing items (using AI Easy Content), importing CSV, Creating author, Prompt AI Easy Content.
- After 7 days, if not renewed, the current package will be removed. The renewal time will be added to the expiration date.

Customer feedback on AI Easy Content

Customer experience using the hot service of TenTen

The operation of AI Content is extremely simple. Most of the ideas for AI Content to write articles are gathered from available data on the internet. It is very convenient, saving time and effort.

Mr. Tuan Pham

SEO Manager

"I'm one of the few people who have had the opportunity to use AI Easy Content and I'm truly impressed with the results it brings. Creating SEO-friendly content used to take a lot of time and effort, but with AI Easy Content, it's all made easy with just a click. The generated content is unique and optimized for SEO. This is truly a great tool for any SEO expert."

Mr. Luong Dam

SEO specialist

The operation of AI Content is extremely simple. Most of the ideas for AI Content's article writing are collected from existing data on the Internet. It's convenient, time-saving, and effortless

Ms. Huyen Khanh

SEO Content staff

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this product require installation or any special computer configuration for installation?

  • AI Easy Content is a plugin that directly installs into WordPress, it does not require any special computer configuration and can be used on all current computer types.

Does this product use proprietary chatGPT and which version of chatGPT?

  • AI Easy Content is a product developed by TENTEN based on chatGPT 4.

How is the cost of using this product calculated?

  • AI Easy Content includes two types of fees: monthly subscription fee and usage fee based on word count. The subscription fee is fixed and customers can choose the word count per month according to their actual needs.

Do the contents generated by AI Easy Content have duplicates?

  • AI Easy Content generates SEO-friendly and highly unique content up to 90%. Customers can use duplicate content checker applications to verify further.

Can this product be used for multiple websites?

  • Each website can only use 1 AI Easy Content app, identified by URL. If you have multiple websites, please register the corresponding number of AI Easy Content apps.