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  • AATL- Create electronic signature - Safe, reliable
  • CodeSigning - Software certification - Affirmative brand.
  • PersonalSign - Email security - Identity authentication.
  • EPKI - Solutions for businesses - Easy to manage and allocate.

What is Code Signing Certificate?

Code Signing is a digital certificate for software developers/individuals who can sign and assign the time they deliver products over the Internet. The signing of code on the code and software ensures users know the legality of the software and complete peace of mind about the integrity of the product.

Why choose Code Signing Certificates?

If we don't have code signing certificate,it will be forged, inserted spyware or other malicious code.
With the signing of CodeSigning certificates, customers can be sure of the origin of the software, and that the software has not been changed since it was manufactured.
Security alerts will be replaced with messages to the user about the vendor who signed the software on that software.
To increase the trust level of the application during the installation process, the solution is simple: Sign your software and code!


Benefits of using GlobalSign Code Signing Certificates

- The information displayed on the certificate: Organization Name, Organization Address, Organization Type.
- - Eliminate "unknown" pop-ups in web browsers and Windows operating systems.
- Free timestamping service - ensuring the developer's signature time on the code and software does not expire.
- The unlimited number of times to sign applications, software.
- Validation function - Customers can see a confirmation mark on the software development subject of a supplier.
- Support multiple platforms using the same certificate: Microsoft® Authenticode ™ (32bit and 64bit); Adobe AIR Ussage; Apple Ussage; Mozilla & Netscape Objects; MS Office & VBA; Java ™ Ussage.
- Multilingual technical support.
- Guarantee program of GlobalSign: USD 100,000 - the legal guarantee of the program, software.
- The only CSR option (Requires creating a digital certificate Codesigning) supports:
+ Creating a 2048 bit digital certificate.
+ Support needs to protect private keys (Private Key) - Microsoft OneClick.
- Support integrated into digital certificate storage devices (USB token, smartcard ...).


Price list & features

Product features Standard Code Signing Certificates Extended Validation (EV)
Code Signing Certificates
The information is shown on the Certificate Organization Name

Organization Name - Organization Address - Organization Type

Eliminate the "Unknown origin" warning ssl ssl
The validity of a signature does not depend on the time of labeling ssl Mandatory sticker
Unlimited sign-up app ssl ssl
Support of major platforms (Authenticode, Office VBA, Java, Adobe AIR, Mac OS, Mozilla) ssl ssl
The certificate is stored on the token device cds ssl
Compatible with Microsoft SmartScreen filter cds ssl
1 year 7,115,000 VNĐ 8,538,000 VNĐ
2 years 11,280,000 VNĐ 15,827,000 VNĐ
3 years 14,057,000 VNĐ 19,784,000 VNĐ

Note: Price list does not include 10% VAT.