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  • AATL- Create electronic signature - Safe, reliable
  • CodeSigning - Software certification - Affirmative brand
  • PersonalSign - Email security - Identity authentication
  • EPKI - Solutions for businesses - Easy to manage and allocate

What is PersonalSign Certificates?

PersonalSign is a digital ID issued to an object (individual or organization) that supports the identity of that object.
The digital ID will be based on the identity of each verified object (usually including the object name, company name, and email address of the digital ID owners) to create a unique security
PersonalSign will identify and prove it according to each level, called class. Each category represents different levels of identity verification - from simple email verification to ensuring full identity.

Why choose GlobalSign PersonalSign Certificates?

GlobalSign's PersonalSign certification provides the convenience of protecting the network of each organization, each data and application, including and not limited to:

- Email security.
- Two-factor authentication
- Digital signature for Microsoft Office.
- Authentication for FDA ES portal

Price list - Features

  PersonalSign 1 PersonalSign 2 PersonalSign 2 Pro PersonalSign 2 Department
Subjects used All customers want to use Digital Certificate Customers want a personal digital certificate Digital certificates for individuals who are representatives of Business / Organization Digital certificate for Division / Board is representative of Business / Organization
Uses Independent individual or individual / department representing an organization wishing to secure e-mail, signing Office documents Independent individuals who need to secure e-mail, sign Office documents and need to be sure of identity verification Individuals representing organizations that need to secure e-mail, sign Office documents, and need to be sure of identity verification. For functional departments to represent organizations wishing to secure e-mail, sign Office documents and need to be guaranteed, identity verification
Rank verification Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 2 Rank 2
Information shown on the certificate Email address
(Example: nguyen.vana@tenten.vn)
Email address
and personal identity
Nguyen Van A
Email address, personal and organizational identity
Nguyen Van A
TenTen Company
Department Identity
(Example: Accounting Department)
Procedures for censorship and issuance of certificates Verify e-mail address B1: Verify your e-mail address
B2: Verify your identity through recognized personal identity documents.
B1: Verify e-mail address
B2: Personal authentication through verified personal identity verification documents
B3: Verification of Organization information through third-party databases
B1: Verify e-mail address
B2: Verify organization information through third party databases
Authentication Ownership of e-mail address Ownership of e-mail address and personal identity guarantee Ownership of e-mail address, personal identity guarantee and organizational presence Ownership of e-mail addresses, ensuring the presence of the organization

Note: Price list does not include 10% VAT

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