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Service name Installation fee Maintain Note
Managed DNS domain 4 domain 4 Allow changing IP address of domain name via Control Panel
Domain forwarding domain 4 domain 4 Lets link your domain name to an existing Web address
Domain lock domain 4 domain 4 Enhanced security for domain names against transfer.
Security of domain information domain 4 domain 4 All Whois information on your domain name will be completely hidden from all Whois tools.
DNS supports IPv6 domain 4 domain 4 Allows to change the IPv6 address of the domain name through the Control Panel
Consulting on choosing a domain name (Domain)
1   The shorter the domain, the better
Please choose the domain name (Domain) as short as possible (msn.com, hp.com ...).Short domain will be easy to remember, easy to type and easy to design brand, logo ...
2 domian 2   Domain must be easy to remember
You will easily remember the domains like Art.com, Yahoo.com, Amazon.com, Google.com, .... Domains that are easy to pronounce are easier to remember. Read aloud many times the domain that you want to register. Funny domains are easy to remember (Alibaba.com, Umbala.com ...).
3 ten mien 4   Domain is not confusing
A good domain name is not confusing with existing domain names. If the existing domain is a registered trademark then you may have trouble using the same domain.Domains must be easily readable when reading domains over the phone. Do not use dashes (-) in domains.
4 ten mien 6   Domain names are hard to misspell
If people can write something wrong, they will write it wrong! The longer and more complex the domain, the more likely it is to be misspelled. If the domain of your business is long or troublesome, you will lose many customers.
5 ten mien 6   The domain name must be related to the name or field of activity.
If you cannot find the correct domain for your business, do not give up. Find a domain name that speaks of the main job or describes the uniqueness of the business. If the business is named A and operates as a hotel, the appropriate name is www.Ahotel.com. You can use domains ending with .biz, .info if you cannot find .com, .net, .org.
6 ten mien 7   The shorter the domain name, the better
If your target customer is global, the .com, .net domain will be beneficial to you. If you want to emphasize your business in Vietnam, you can consider to have a national domain (.vn, .com.vn ...).brand, logo ...
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