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Terms of Services

  • 1 Article 1: Terms of Service

    1. Terms of Service ("Terms") apply to all matters related to using services such as domain name registration service, hosting service, website design service... ("Services") between Service Users and TENTEN Services Provider ("TENTEN").

    2. These Terms are subject to be changed any time without notice and upon agreeing to use the Services, the customer has unconditionally agreed to this change. The latest version is updated at: http://www.tenten.vn/en/Support/usingPolicy .

  • 2 Article 2: Definitions

    The following Definitions shall be used in these Terms :

    1. TENTEN is a Domain name Registrar and the provider of Hosting, VPS, Email server and other services at homepage https://tenten.vn.

    2. "Service Users", "Customers", "You", "Your" mean agencies, organizations and individuals who have agreed with these Terms and registered to use the service strictly according to the procedures made by TENTEN.

    3. "We", "Our", "Us" mean TENTEN and its affiliates, officers, employees, representatives, partners and entity authorized by TENTEN.

    4. "Services" mean all services provided by TENTEN including domain name registration, hosting, VPS, Email server and other related services.

  • 3 Article 3: TENTEN's Services and Terms of Use

    1. Terms of Domain Registration Service

    - The domain name choosen to register by an organization or individual must ensure that there are no phrases that infringe upon the national interests or are inconsistent with social morality and national customs; Must be serious to avoid misunderstanding or communication distortion due to polyphony, polygons or when not using accents in Vietnamese (Circular 24/2015 / TT-BTTTT Regulation on management and use of Internet resources issued by the Ministry of Information and Communications (replacing Circular No. 09/2008 / TT-BTTTT dated December 24, 2008 of the Ministry of Information and Communications guiding the management and use of Internet resources) amended and supplemented by Circular 06/2019 / TT-BTTTT Amending and supplementing some articles of Circular 24/2015 / TT-BTTTT of the Ministry of Information and Communications regulating the management and use of Internet resources).

    - Organizations and individuals registering to use domain names must take full responsibility before law for the use purposes and accuracy of all information provided, ensure that domain name registration and use comply with the related regulations and do not infringe upon the legal rights and interests of other organizations and individuals.

    - Organizations and individuals registering to use domain names are responsible for managing and maintaining the right to use their domain names and must be responsible for any violations when using the domain names caused by their loose management.

    - Organizations and individuals registering a domain name must provide information of the domain name server which is configured to.

    - When registering international domain names, organizations and individuals need to complete documentation and send to TENTEN (For organizations: 01 copy of the contract with the organization's stamp; For individuals: color scan of 02 sides of personal identity card) within 14 days from the date the service was successfully registered. In case of late submission of documentation, the service will be locked without any refund. TENTEN can not and will not be liable and indemnify for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with this provision.

    - For the national domain name ".vn": Registrants must comply with the regulations of Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (hereinafter referred to as "VNNIC") on domain name registration and use (Detail: Here ) .

    - For international domain names: Organizations and individuals lawfully operating in Vietnam using international domain names to set up websites must notify the Ministry of Information and Communications at the Website http: / /www.thongbaotenmien.vn .

    - When changing information such as: names of agencies, organizations or contact information such as office address, telephone, fax, email address, identity cards, ... , Service users must immediately notify TENTEN in accordance with the procedures prescribed herein.

    - TENTEN will not be liable and indemnify for any loss or damage caused by the user not complying with the provisions of Section 1, Article 3 of these Terms.

    - For expired, suspended domain names: Registrar has the right to redirect (redirect) any IP address of the domain name registered at the registrar, to an IP address of 1 parking page available or search pages for commercial purposes once the domain name has expired or been suspended. Registrar will not be responsible for any damage caused directly or indirectly as a result of the above.

    - For the domain names showing signs of infringement (is the source of spam email or phishing domain links) warning by companies such as Spamhaus, HostExploit, Arbor, NetCraft, Google, etc. and other organizations: Registrars reserve the right to suspend the domain name activity whether your behavior is intentional or unintentional due to a virus infection.

    - TENTEN designates Onamae.com (GMO Internet Inc) as a registrar to provide international domain name services. Therefore, registrants who use the international domain name registration service at TENTEN , in addition to the above terms, will have to agree and comply with the terms set by the Onamae.com registrar at: http: / /www.onamae.com/other/agreement/registration/ .

    2. Terms of Storage Services (Hosting, VPS, Email server):

    - We are not responsible for all information, data of Service Users stored on our server.

    - TENTEN's backup services are performed with our own management purpose to recover from technical problems, infrastructure, equipment failures and are not intended to provide copies to customers. . Therefore, the Service Users must take responsibility to back up their data stored on TENTEN 's servers by theirselves and store them securely.

    - We do not accept any liability or compensation for any loss or damage to Users' data stored on the Server.

    - You must preserve their information, data stored on our servers and login id, passwords of the service management tools which we provide to them.

    - You must keep your login account information confidential when using the service at TENTEN.

    - You must not arbitrarily transfer, give or resell services without our approval.

    - You must not store, link to websites containing false information and data which lash out, defame, violate the law, ..., go against the political line of the Socialist Republic The Vietnam Nationalist Association and other countries, or / and contents related to pornography, depravity, fraud, etc., violate Vietnamese culture and traditions.

    - You are solely responsible for their information and data directly or / and related to copyright infringement, infringement of intellectual property, industrial property, hacking, cracking, warez ...

    - You must not use programs that are likely to clog or stall the system, such as causing exhaustion of system resources, overloading the processor and memory (for example, Cron- Job / Task Schedule or other automated tasks that are repeated, trading, Bitcoin mining, executed as a Game server, DoS attack source, DDoS, ...)

    - You are solely responsible for the content of emails sent from the mailbox in your account.

    - You must not use hosting to send SPAM, ADVERTISING email, BULK MAIL, MASS MAIL, BOMB MAIL, ... (regardless of where) related to websites stored in the server system (such as sending over 15 Email at the same time with the same content) or for destructive purposes from our servers or network. We do not encourage your website located on our servers to use bulk emails. You must ensure all emails sent at safe ways and comply Vietnamese culture and law, especially the Law of Information Technology. The number of emails sent outside your organization must not exceed the limit specified for your server plan. We do not accept any behavior of sending Email Spam, even though such behavior may be caused due to being inadvertently controlled by Virus infected on your email service.

    - You must not use programs that can clog or stall the system, such as causing exhaustion of system resources, overloading the processor and memory.

    * Terms of support service of Cloud VPS / Cloud server

    We will support free the first transferring your website data from other providers or from our other servers to our Cloud VPS / Cloud server with the following conditions:

    - You must provide a fully compressed backup of files, directories and databases, etc. either via the download link or the attached files. In case of necessity, you need to provide us the login information of other servers to support data transfer.

    - To ensure not to lose any of your data being stored in a third party while transfering to our servers, we request you to back up 01 more copy of your website data on your computer. We will not be liable for any leakage, damage or loss of data during the transfer.

    - Because some of hosting service providers may have the data storage platforms which are incompatible with our server platform, we will not be able to support transfer your website data from those third-party servers. Besides, due to some other factors such as network bandwidth, data size, performance of the server ... , we will not guarantee or take responsibility for any delays related to the data transfer.

    - You must not make any changes or updates of the website during our data transfer process.

    - We reserve the right to refuse to transfer data or suspend your website after the transfer if your website is found to have signs of violating our Terms of Use, source code is infected by malware, virus, copyright infringement ... Our customer support team will notify you of this by email, phone call,...

    * Items outside the scope of support:

    We always take the support criteria of "Exceeding customers' expectations" to ensure the best operating system for the website to function. However, in some cases actually beyond our support, the following requirements are not within our scope of support:

    - Do not check or fix website compatibility on many browsers or on mobile devices.

    - Do not troubleshoot problems with the network (network), applications or third-party services (i.e. not services provided by TENTEN).

    - Do not fix the problem but the cause of the error comes from the computer, the device or from the web browser on the client's computer, mobile device.

    - No intervention to edit, customize or optimize the source code, image website.

    - Do not interfere, adjust the data stored in the database (databases).

    - Do not intervene deeply in programming expertise to fix errors related to website source code.

    - Do not perform settings and SEO configuration for the website.

    - Do not repair files that have been damaged by Virus / Malware (malicious code).

    - Do not fix the problem causing slow website related to how to handle in the source code, images, JS, CSS, ... of the website.

    - Do not fix problems related to network attacks that cause slowing down of websites, which are caused by website security holes.

    - Do not perform password recovery management page of the website (admin account password of the website).

    - Does not support resetting and regaining password (root) of Cloud VPS / Cloud Server administrator.

    - Do not install new or upgrade software on the server system just to meet the needs of certain websites.

    - Do not back up (backup) or provide backup files. Customers can manually perform periodic data backup through the Control Panel.

    * When using the Cloud service, you must abide by the following limits:

    - The bandwidth does not spike more than 10GB / hour (applies to an account using Cloud).

    - Limit Disk I / O when the system detects in 2 hours has 80% of the check exceeds 3000 IOPS.

    - Each account is allowed to create maximum number of VPS (not applicable to Windows operating system) specifically:

    + Foreign server: 2 VPS / Plan 2; 1VPS / Plan 3.

    + Server area Vietnam: 6VPS / Plan 1; 4VPS / Plan 2; 3VPS / Plan 3; 2VPS / Plan 4, Plan 5; 1VPS / Plan 6.

    '+ Note: Any account using Cloud VPS violating the above terms and using in excess of these limits may be warned to violate the terms of service and will be required to reduce the number. amount to suit the service usage policy. The service may even be suspended or terminated depending on the severity rating affecting our servers.

    3. Terms of supporting available website templates:

    - Service users will be solely responsible for the content on the website.

    - Website content must not misrepresent, criticize, defame, violate the law, ..., go against the political lines of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and other countries, or / and other content related to pornography, depravity, fraud, ..., violates the Vietnamese fine culture and traditions.

    In order to support customers with technical issues related to Website Builder and WordPress Website Template functionality, and to avoid too deep interference in the customer's website, we offer the following specific support areas: :

    - Issues that may assist:

    + Errors related to the function are not the same as the demo interface when customers install.

    + The errors related to the interface: support check errors, error messages and guide customers how to fix errors.

    + Change website colors and issues related to css.

    + Change the position of items on the menu

    - Issues that do not support:

    + In case the website function does not work due to customers self-editing web code, installing additional plugins (for Wordpress Website).

    + Issues related to expanding the functionality of the website. (For example, add the registration / login form ...).

    + Change website layout.

    + Add category 2, level 3.

    + Other cases

  • 4 Article 4: Terms of Payment

    - Service users are responsible for payment in full and on time.

    - If Service users do not pay service fees within 48 hours since the order time, all of the order information will be no longer valid.

    - If Service users do not renew the service within the prescribed time, the service will be suspended and withdrawn as prescribed.

    - We will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from your delayed payment.

    - We will not be responsible if the domain name is activated by another entity while awaiting your payment.

  • 5 Article 5: Information Privacy

    - Service users are solely responsible for their username, password, password preservation, password change and information - data related to registered services and managed accounts TENTEN provided.

    - Any loss or damage arising from the negligence of the user who makes the information disclosure service, we will not assume any liability.

  • 6 Article 6: Stop, cancel the service provision

    When we find violations of any of the above, we may unilaterally cancel the contract or immediately stop providing any services related to that customer without notice. notice. At the same time does not assume any responsibility and does not compensate damages or refunds.

  • 7 Article 7: Handling domain disputes

    1. For international domain names: all disputes arising from or related to international domain names will be resolved according to ICANN's domain name dispute settlement policy described at: http://www.icann.org/en/help/dndr

    2. 2. For the national domain name ".vn": all disputes arising from or related to the national domain name ".vn" shall be settled according to Decision No. 73 / QD-VNNIC of March 17, 2010. of the Director of Vietnam Internet Network Information Center on promulgating guidelines for dealing with disputed ".vn" national domain names and Circular No. 10/2008 / TT-BTTTT of the Ministry of Information and Communications detailing Vietnam domain name dispute resolution ".vn".

  • 8 Article 8: Refund policy

    - We are committed to refund 100% within 30 days from the date of registration if you are not satisfied with the service provided that the error is on our system side.

    - We do not refund for reasons relating to the installation / use of the software or 3rd party devices, bonus gift with product (Eg. Free theme, free SSL ..) and does not apply to domain name services.

    - After this period of time mentioned above, we will not refund money for any reason except we do not continue to provide the service.

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